I’ve had oily, acne-prone skin since my teens and now I’m well into my mid-twenties. My breakouts have become more hormonal cystic breakouts that can be quite painful. 

Since I can remember I’ve always been told to avoid using any oil-based products, most of my knowledge had come from tv ads and magazines. Over the years I’ve used products that have not been good for my skin even though they were designed for my skin type. 

I came across someone who had severe cystic acne, she informed me that after seeing a dermatologist she switched to oil-based products. She showed me pictures of how bad her acne was before adding oil-based products into her routine. From her before pictures and how she looked I can say she was doing something right, her skin was almost free from breakouts with mostly marks left from her previous breakouts. 

Oily skin is caused by excess production of oil within the pores, most of the products I have used in the past strip skin of oil to give a ‘matte’ look. In turn, doing so actually makes your skin produce more oil to combat the dryness. Our skin produces oil for a reason it keeps our skin soft and moisturised. After researching I decided to start with an oil-based cleanser, here are some interesting facts about oil-based cleansers:

  1. Using natural oil to cleanse maintains the moisture balance in your skin while clearing your pores. 
  2. Oil attracts oil, this means that the oils in an oil cleanser attract oils in your pores and then removes that oil. 
  3. Oil cleansers dissolve dirt in your pores, making it easier to be rinsed away with water.

I’ve found through trial and error what works for me, generally, oils-cleansers that contain rosehip and jojoba oil work great for me and oils such as olive oil and coconut lead to breakouts. 

My favourite cleanser is conscious skincare’s organic make up melt, this product really does what it says it melts away makeup and gets rid of all the gunk off your face without causing any breakouts. The ingredients are all organic and consist of 5 oils. Conscious skincare is a pretty awesome brand, not only are the products organic, they are packed in eco-friendly packaging. I use this the oil with damp reusable cotton pads which works great for me.

Conscious Skincare Organic Make Up Melt
Conscious Skincare Organic Melt