I’ve always suffered from dry lips but never worried too much, over the years my lips have been become more dry and very flaky. I realised then something needed to be done, nobody wants chapped lips!

I’ve tried so many different lip balms and nothing really did the trick, some lip balms had my lips feeling more dry than they were before I used them. I ended up going through the stage of using a toothbrush to get rid of the flakes, I know dark times. Since then I’ve upped my lip game and yes, I use scrubs now, cruelty-free of course.

Scrub Those Lips

In order for lips to be adequately moisturised you need to get rid of the dead skin flaking around (it’s not a pretty sight). Be careful not to go overboard as the skin on your lips are thin and fragile.

My fave lip scrub right now is the BURT’S BEES conditioning lip scrub, I use it with an exfoliating lip brush twice a week.

Burt's Bees Conditioning Lip Scrub

The Aftercare

After exfoliating it’s important to moisturise your lips as you would with your face. I always exfoliate in the evenings and follow up with an intensive moisturiser which works it’s magic overnight.

My go to moisturiser for my lips is BURT’S BEES overnight intensive lip treatment. My lips always feel great after using this, although it’s an overnight treatment I do sometimes use this during the day as a lip balm.

Burt's Bees Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment

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Burt’s Bees Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment

Burt’s Bees Conditioning Lip Scrub

Lip Exfoliating Brush